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Corporate Test the Nation for 600 delegates at Wembley Stadium

Astra Zeneca took its UK sales team off the road so they could attend a four-day national meeting at the Wembley Stadium Conference Centre.

Astra Zeneca took its UK sales team off the road so they could attend a four-day national meeting at the Wembley Stadium Conference Centre.

The organisation wanted to assess employees’ opinions on a number of core issues; such as how the organisation fared in raising high standards within the medical industry and how they built relationships with colleagues. They also wanted to have a clear breakdown of how each directorate had voted for post-event analysis.

In order to achieve this, a number of key statements were put to the audience throughout the course of the conference. Delegates pressed the corresponding number on the keypad to rate each statement as to whether they strongly agreed, strongly disagreed or remained neutral.

Voting results were then instantly displayed on the main screen for the presenter and audience to see and we were able to provide hosts with a full break-down following the event showing how the different departments had voted.

Dragon’s Den

Organisers also wanted to encourage audience interaction and participation in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style account excellence awards presentation on the themes of scientific leadership, restoring growth and making the organisation a great place to work. Three teams within each of the themes pitched their business strategies to a panel of ‘dragons’.

Following some tough questioning, the audience voted for their favourite pitches from within each of the three groups, then for their favourite overall pitch.

Test the Nation

Meeting organisers also wanted to explore just how much employees knew about their company through a fun and interactive ‘Test the Nation’ style quiz. Six hundred people took part, representing twelve teams within the directorate.

As well as wanting to test employees’ knowledge of the company, other aims of the quiz were to give employees the opportunity to learn more about the organisation and for them to leave feeling inspired. Like the TV show, where the studio audience were separated into different categories, hosts decided to have separate categories for each delegate’s:

  • Gender
  • Favourite colour
  • Favourite team programme
  • Car ownership
  • Star sign
  • Favourite holiday destination

To facilitate this, we stored each individual’s demographic data on a personalised Smart Badge. When each audience member scanned their badge on their Messenger handset, they were automatically placed into the various teams by our PowerQ Audience Response software.

Multiple choice quiz questions were shown live on the main screen and once visible, teams then had ten seconds to pick their answer from four options by pressing the relevant button on the keypad. Answers were then collected and results displayed on the screen with the correct answer highlighted. As the audience had been separated into their demographic groups, a series of scoreboards could be displayed to keep track of how teams were scoring, to see which directorate was leading the quiz and which teams were trailing.

Maintaining quiz proceedings was BBC Breakfast host and Radio 5-Live presenter, Louise Minchin. In keeping with the spirit of the TV show, roving reporters took to the floor to talk to audience members following results.

As the quiz got under way, everyone got into the team spirit. Teams were given different coloured bibs to wear and there was a great atmosphere as participants got into the competitive spirit by cheering to support their teams and showing team solidarity.

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