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Award-winning interactive solutions for your events.

Business Conferences

Increase engagement and improve delegate experiences with our interactive solutions. From live voting to quizzes to custom apps on tablets, we create the right solutions for all types of Corporate Events.

TV Gameshows

As a trusted partner to the Television Industry for more than 30 years, our interactive systems have chosen winners in major talent shows, helped launch 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' and are an integral part of the hit TV show 'The 1% Club' across the world.


By gathering data from multiple sources our clients harness the power of the results and connect with a larger, more diverse audience across all venues. We tailor our solutions to maximise their return on investment, increase engagement and ensure delegates return year after year.

Product Launches

Our solutions engage audiences and gather vitally important feedback at events. We support dealer and press launches for car manufacturers, technology launches for multinationals, and product launches for leading pharmaceutical firms.

Medical Meetings

From small investigator meetings to large multi-track events spanning several days, we provide audience engagement and attendance management solutions for pharmaceutical clients all over the world.

Experiential Marketing

Personalised communication in large audiences is possible with our systems, combining interactive technology with the power of RFID to maximise the benefits and capture data insights at experiential events.

technologies and hardware

Smart Tablets

Dedicated devices for paperless conferences.

High level of customization

Custom app design to match your brand's identity and requirements.

Multiple elements

Use a combination of different elements to best present your content, enhancing delegate engagement and navigation.


NFC tablets available to allow secure log on using our Smart Badges.

Integration of media

Seamlessly incorporate images, videos, and multimedia elements that enhance your content and engage delegates effectively.

Attendance Management

Designed to simplify processes and enhance engagement. The only limit is your imagination - we create bespoke solutions for any event.

Badges and Scanners

RFID badges to control entry to different sessions and monitor attendance, and enhanced analytics to inform your next event.

Interactive Kiosks

Our award-winning kiosk stands are great to look at and designed to fit in to any environment. They also regularly appear on TV shows around the world!


Our kiosks can be used for a myriad of activities during Conferences and Events such as Interactive games and competitions, with scores recorded for each delegate.

Other Solutions

These include interactive table plans where a simple tap of a badge highlights a seat on a digital map. Event surveys or document request stations are other options.

Interactive Handsets


Results are instantly available as soon as a vote completes.


For audiences of any size, simply the best way to ensure everybody's opinion is counted.


Pick up the handset and press the corresponding number. That's it.


Options include opinion voting, quizzes, TV game shows, & AGMs.


Contains an RFID reader for compatibility with our Smart Badges.

Why us?

Our technology allows you to understand the motivations and needs of your audiences, creating events that are tailored to their requirements and generating additional opportunities and value.

Technology has transformed the way we communicate​.​

We now live in a connected world, where instant messages can be seen by millions within seconds, where large corporations do not necessarily control the narrative, where Social Media has become the source for breaking news. The Events Industry has also seen a huge change in the way events are run.

Audience behaviour shifted.

In the past, audiences were there to listen. Keypad voting systems then allowed the audience to express their views and with text messaging they could ask questions and post comments. Whereas before they were passive receivers, they have become active participants who expect and demand to be consulted and engaged.​

Insight into delegates evolved.

This means traditional definitions of participants are no longer adequate. Up until recently, we had to be satisfied with knowing what our audiences said and did; now we need to understand the motivations and the reasons behind their actions.

This has allowed stories to emerge...

Information helps place actions into context, allowing individual stories to appear that can lead to remarkable insights into audience behaviour. Joining the information together creates stories that can be used to improve the event itself and communicate better with each attendee.

and connections to be discovered...

These individual stories often intersect and common themes can create real value to both the attendee and the event organiser. What did different attendees with the same employer have to say? Do delegates who really enjoyed a particular session have something else in common?

creating a digital tapestry of information.

Each participant generates a digital thread of information that weaves around the event, intersecting and interacting with other threads. These interactions create a digital tapestry that is the source of all insights.

Technology reveals unique delegate journeys...

This is the power of information – it can make an event far more enjoyable and meaningful to the attendee and add whole new levels of value for the organisers.

profoundly changing how we communicate.

At React Interact we don't just build apps, we build relationships.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both. You gave 100% to the show! We hugely appreciate the work you did.

You are both ridiculously calm and laid back yet unbelievably on it and that was always so reassuring.

It's a pleasure working with you and thanks again for delivering a product that allowed the show to work."

TV Producer

The 1% Club

"Best use of technology to support interaction that I have ever experienced."

"App and tablet was excellent and worked perfectly with no glitches. Brilliant."

"Engaging and informative event, great use of technology."

Delegate Comments

Pensions Roadshow

"The interactive voting was new to me, however the technician ensured that the whole process was seamless – and it could not have gone better.

I will definitely be recommending that we use this system and your company again in future conferences – and a very big thanks for everything you did for us in preparation and on the day. "

The conference was a huge success."

Event Manager

Multinational Consumer Electronics Company

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We've been developing interactive experiences since 1983, and were called Group Dynamics up until 2019. We continued with the brand 'Group Dynamics' due to its rich history, reputation and market recognition, but wanted to reflect what we truly achieve through our solutions. We are now react interact.

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