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Delegate Management

How to use RFID Smart Badges to simplify delegate management

How to use RFID Smart Badges to simplify delegate management

Attendance Management

A medical agency was tasked to organise a series of events across Europe for several thousand delegates signing in to different sessions. The client needed a record of each session each delegate had attended so they could be awarded CPD credits.

  • 300-500 delegates per show
  • Replace manual sign-in sheets
  • Reduce admin and eliminate errors
  • RFID Smart Badges for delegates
  • Smart Kiosks outside each room
  • 14,000 session attendances recorded

The client realised that managing this through a manual system of ticking names off a list would simply be a logistical nightmare. Our Interactive Delegate Management system enabled delegates to be registered quickly, efficiently and without the need for a tedious paper trail.

At each session, Smart tablet kiosks were placed outside the main room. Equipped with customised Smart badges, delegates tapped their badge on the kiosk reader to record their attendance. The delegate’s name immediately appeared on the screen and they were greeted with a welcome message.

Our system made organisers lives easier; they could rely on it to manage the attendance process effectively letting them focus on other logistics. The clear record of delegates’ attendance also saved them time as reports were available at the touch of a button.

Thank you and your team for an outstanding performance. I was thrilled by your batch reader (we’ll never ever cross out missed attendance on certificates again). I couldn’t have asked for a better team and will always ask for this team again.

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