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Lead Retrieval Game using RFID

How to enhance Exhibitions at Events using RFID.

How to enhance Exhibitions at Events using RFID.

At many events we attend, there is an exhibition element. This may be sponsors or suppliers to the client, or even different internal services. These exhibitors may have contributed to finance the event in the first place and of course need to see a return on that investment.

The only way you can do that is to ensure the delegates actually visit the different exhibitors and interact with them. And the only way to get delegates to visit the exhibitors is to make them want to visit them…

At an IT Sales conference for 400 staff, exhibitors from 30 suppliers such as Microsoft, HP, Panasonic and Samsung all had stands around the venue.

We provided an RFID badge to each delegate and placed a Smart Kiosk at each exhibitor stand. When a delegate tapped their badge on a kiosk it recorded their visit and also asked them a question or questions about the conference or that particular exhibitor’s products and services.

And each time they did this, they received points.

The exhibitors could also give extra points to delegates with whom they had a worthwhile conversation, encouraging delegates to engage with the exhibitors.

At the end of the conference, a ‘leader board’ was generated and the top 10 delegates received prizes that included laptops and digital cameras.

This ensured a high footfall at each of the stands and gave the exhibitors unparalleled opportunities to connect with many more people. The delegates saw the exhibition as a more engaging and interesting space and were far more open to having conversations with exhibitors.

Additionally, we were able to provide a detailed list to each of the exhibitors of all the delegates who had visited their stand and their responses to the questions posed on the kiosks.

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