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Making Votes Count

How a non-profit used our solutions to donate to Charities.

How a non-profit used our solutions to donate to Charities.

How we helped make their vote count

We were approached by a not-for-profit financial services provider to help them with their Anniversary celebrations. In lieu of giving their guests a gift, they decided to donate the money that would have been used for this to charity.

We were asked to help them develop a solution that allowed their guests to decide how to split the donation among the three charities.

Kiosk Stands

We provided a bespoke solution that enabled guests to vote at kiosk stands positioned around the venue as well as on handheld tablet devices carried by staff. The three charities selected were Crisis for Christmas, Action for Children and Mind.

It was crucial that guests knew immediately what to do so the home screen was also the action screen with ‘Your Vote Counts’ displayed clearly at the top with the three charity logos as large buttons that people could press to make their selection.

After this selection was made, an acknowledgement screen appeared thanking the guest for their vote.

Updated Scoreboard

To keep guests informed on the progress of the vote, a slide would appear on the main screen displaying how the attendees were voting. Across the evening this was updated to track the progress of the vote.

Initially Mind sprinted ahead with a big early lead. Over the course of the evening Crisis for Christmas and Action for Children did gain ground, but not enough to overtake it as Mind won with 36% of the overall vote. The other two charities received 33% and 31% of the vote making sure it was a close run thing in the end.

What they thought

The feedback we received was positive with guests finding the solution easy to use:

It went fantastic!! The tablets and the whole system went so well and our guests really enjoyed getting involved. Zoe was amazing at making the process run smoothly so please can you give her a big thank you from us.

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